Mount-Channel MGF., Ltd. was established in 1984 in Tainan, Taiwan, specializing in the manufacture of friction disc and brake lining. With 20 years of accumulated manufacturing experience, Mount-Channel has the manufacturing capacity of almost all motorcycle clutch in the world, with an annual output of 26 million pieces, ranking first in Taiwan. In order to promote environmental protection, Mount-Channel is continuously committed to the improvement of product materials, and has developed the organic fiber material certified by SGS to replace the traditional friction disc material containing asbestos, which not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also has a more stable quality. In 1994, with 10 years of experience in manufacturing friction disc and parts, Mount-Channel developed clutch assembly and successfully developed China's first set of automatic clutches for China Jialing Industry Co., Ltd, thus establishing Mount-Channel’s  important position among motorcycle parts manufacturers.
From 1996 to 2001, in response to the integration of global production system and the vigorous development of Chinese motorcycle market, we set up factories in Zhejiang and Chongqing, China, focusing on clutch assembly production. Established in 1996, Zhejiang Mount-Channel is committed to developing customized products in line with customers performance requirements, and maintains an attempt to develop the best products. In recent years, we has developed 500-2200cc large displacement clutches suitable for all-terrain vehicles(ATV), UTV, snowmobiles, electric vehicles and small cars. At present, a number of products have been mass produced and become the mainstream products of Mount-Channel. Zhejiang Mount-Channel is not only a motorcycle clutch factory with the most technical research ability in China, but its technical research center is also striding forward to automobile clutch research and development. We continue to develop more sophisticated "CVT continuously variable speed system". "CVT continuously variable speed system" has the highest transmission technology, can replace the traditional gear drive, smoothly switch various speeds, while keeping the vehicle smooth; Reduce mechanical wear and maximize fuel efficiency for the best driving experience of you.
We own the strong R&D force, large-scale standard plant, high-precision machining equipment, sophisticated process guidance procedures and professional staff. In addition, we also have perfect testing equipment, including "three coordinates measuring instrument, projection measuring instrument, large displacement CVT testing machine, CVT testing machine, wet clutch testing machine, CVT road testing machine". Excellent detection ability is the key to quality stability, our senior technicians here every day for your product inspection.
Clutch assembly produced by Zhejiang Mount-Channel is widely praised for various types and stable quality, and favored by the world famous manufacturers, such as: PEUGEOT, Spring Breeze Industrial Group, Qianjiang Group, Qingqi Group, Jialing Industrial. The annual output of clutch assembly more than 3 million sets, Mount-Channel is the guarantee of quality.
We uphold the spirit "Full Heart Devotion, Full Effort Commitment" of Taiwanese enterprise, require all staff to self check during the input process, and have a perfect ERP process system to carefully manage each production procedure. Only after strict control can each product be delivered and sold all over the world. Mount-Channel MGF., Ltd., equipped with the rich manufacturing experience, continuously makes progress in product research to challenge your imagination of clutch.