2022 Shanghai International Motorcycle and Spare Parts Exhibition

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Update time : 2021-11-12 14:02:10
Exhibition Time: May 5th -- May 8th, 2022
Opening Hours :9:00-- 18:00
Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Exhibition Introduction:
China International Motorcycle and Spare Parts Exhibition, generally shortened to Shanghai Motorcycle Exhibition, is held once a year. The influence and scale of the exhibition ranks first in the world. The last exhibition was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, with more than 6,500 booths, attracting more than 2,000 exhibitors. The number of merchants reached 200,000, and the exhibition area reached 250,000 square meters.
Shanghai Motorcycle Exhibition has become one of the most influential bicycle exhibitions in the world. The exhibition insists on creating first-class exhibitions with professional strength, and has created a high-quality professional exhibition team in the industry with uninterruptible service enthusiasm and consistent service quality.
[Vehicle area]
General purpose motorcycles, large displacement motorcycles, cross-country motorcycles, special motorcycles, modified vehicles, tricycles, police motorcycles and all kinds of new energy motorcycles
[Maintenance and parts area]
Motorcycle engine, chassis, shock absorber, brake, wheel hub, sprocket, chain, mailbox, muffler, electronic parts, lamps and lanterns, locks, lubricating oil, covering parts and motorcycle parts and equipment, supplies and other technical area: motorcycle testing equipment repair, motorcycle maintenance equipment, tools, motorcycle clothing and gear, helmet, sports protective gear supplies, motorcycle accessories
[Modified area]
Modification club, decoration, modification accessories
[Testing and performance area]
Test ride, test drive, stunt show
[Cultural exhibition area]
Motorcycle culture and experience
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