Analysis on the current situation and development trend of China's motorcycle market in 2021

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Update time : 2021-10-13 15:12:00
Compared with the development of motorcycle industry in Europe and the United States, China's motorcycle industry started late. With the end of the new demographic dividend, the improvement of public transport and the growth of income levels, the market demand of the motorcycle industry tends to decline. Data showed that China's motorcycle production reached 17.367 million units in 2019, up 11.5% year on year. China is not only a motorcycle production and sales country, but also a big export country, the export of motorcycles for 7 to 9 million each year, accounting for about half of the motorcycle production and sales. The motorcycles exported are mainly 100-150cc scooters, mainly sold to Asia, Africa and Latin America and other developing countries and regions.
Development Trend of Motorcycle Industry
1、Affected by safety and environmental protection, the market continues to retreat to marginal towns and villagesAt present, China's motorcycle industry has formed a complete development, production and marketing system, and formed more independent intellectual property rights. China has become the world's first motorcycle production and marketing country. In China, as electric vehicles and cars gradually replace motorcycles as a means of transportation, many cities have issued laws and regulations banning and limiting motorcycles, causing adverse effects on the development of motorcycle industry, as a means of transportation motorcycle market continues to shrink to marginal towns and villages. However, European and American countries and regions have high market access requirements in product safety, environmental protection and other aspects. The market demand is mainly for super-locomotives with large displacement and cool appearance. The participating enterprises are still mainly European, American and Japanese enterprises, and the market share of domestic enterprises in Europe and America is relatively low.
2、With the upgrading of consumption, motorcycles have entered a period of rapid developmentWith the continuous development of the national economy, the improvement of people's living standards and the upgrading of consumption, the market of medium displacement scooters and large displacement leisure and entertainment motorcycles is expanding, and their proportion is gradually increasing. As China's motorcycle leisure culture industry enters a period of rapid development, domestic motorcycle consumption in the appearance of novel design, more scientific and technological, more than 250cc based leisure and entertainment models, China's 250CC and above large displacement motorcycle market still has a large space for development.
3、With the implementation of environmental protection and energy saving, the market prospect of electric motorcycles is greatWith the implementation of energy saving and environmental protection concepts and the implementation of relevant national policies, electric motorcycles powered by lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular. In 2019, the sales volume of electric motorcycles (including electric three-wheeled motorcycles) in China was about 2,301,900 units, increasing by several times year-on-year, accounting for 13.44% of the total sales volume of motorcycles. As a means of transportation, electric motorcycle is convenient and fast, low travel cost, alleviate urban traffic pressure, improve the quality of life of low-income people, and energy conservation and environmental protection, reduce carbon emissions, is conducive to environmental protection. Electric motorcycle can meet the needs of short distance travel and the rapid development of urban and rural logistics and distribution industry. It has great demand potential in urban and rural areas and has a great market prospect.
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